Tape Coatings

  • POLYGUARD: Joint wrap and reconditioning tape, molding tape and mastic/mastic wrap
  • PK-50 PVC TAPES: All weather corrosion protection tape
  • SCAPA & POLYKEN: Handwrap tape and joint wrap tape, line travel tape and machine applied outerwrap
  • VISCOTAQ: Viscoelastic UV resistant coating
  • X-Wrap: X-Wrap is a glass outerwrap for mechanical protection over a corrosion coating.

Epoxy Coatings

  • 3M & NAPGUARD: Epoxy patch sticks and liquid epoxy repair kits
  • DENSO: Protal 7200 and 7125 epoxy kits for road bore, joint coating and petrolatum tapes
  • POWERCRETE: Kits and bulk material